Date: May 18th, 2007 · Tags: Jazz Music Links

Like many Jazz lovers around the world, I got the chance to watch the live webcast of the 6th Annual Jazz Foundation of America“A Great Night In Harlem” benefit concert. The Foundation rose just over $1.5 million dollars, which will help the folks of Katrina and to help aid Jazz musician worldwide. It was honor to be able to watch these Jazz masters (Thanks to perform on one the premier stages the Apollo Theater, which help pioneer Jazz music.


The Cause

For 17 years the Jazz Foundation of America has been an organization at the forefront of providing emergency assistance and long-term support to veteran jazz and blues Musicians across the country. Hurricane Katrina left countless New Orleans musicians and their families unemployed, homeless and with their lives washed away. Musicians called out for help, and the JFA mobilized to answer that call. We send a warm invitation for you to join the Jazz Foundation’s extended family with Bill Cosby, Danny Glover, Richard D. Parsons of Time Warner and a host of others, for a million dollar evening of courage, community and celebration!


Jazz music is alive; it’s in our everyday live. Let support the Jazz Foundation and the cause in helping Jazz veterans and their families. My humble respects to the many Jazz masters who have made jazz what it is today…I salute you all