Date: May 20th, 2007 · Tags: Jazz Music Links

As part of mission to empower Jazz musician and independent record labels. The site has created the AJJ Daily Download, which will help Jazz musician to showcase the music directly to the largest spectrum of Jazz Readers on the internet, and with 951, 477 monthly readers on AJJ what better way to your notes out there.

The AAJ Plan

AAJ freely distributes a single, non-exclusive track each day from our home page download area. These tracks are selected from new releases, though we have, on occasion, featured music from older releases or unreleased material.
In addition to home page placement, each track is featured on the AAJ daily download page for ten days and if popular, will appear on our Top 25 in the Last 30 Days and Top 100 lists thereafter. Each download page also includes a link to a retail store of the track provider’s choosing to promote direct sales.

On A Jazz Musician Standpoint
Hands down this is a great way to get your music known by a very large Jazz audience, especially if you’re just entering the Jazz scene likewise if you’re a veteran jazz musician realizing a new album. Best of all it’s free and who doesn’t like free publicity.

On The Jazz Listener Standpoint
As a Jazz lover, I like to stay updated with the new releases on the market, plus I get to download ten tracks everyday. But most importantly I’m able to download free tracks which are a great way to get a feel of an album and music the musician is showcasing before I can go out and buy the album.