Date: Oct 29th, 2012 · Tags: Jazz CD Reviews

Alisha Pattillo’s tenor saxophone case sports an impressive variety of destination stickers, real and metaphorical, where the young artist has visited in her life. Anglo-Australian, Patillo was raised in Singapore and proceeded to woodshed throughout Southeast Asia before receiving a first-rate schooling at Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, majoring in jazz saxophone and education preparation. So, after completing her studies in 2006, where does Pattillo finally land? Well, in Houston, Texas, of course, where she has become a snug part of the “Houston Jazz Mafia” that includes multi-instrumentalist m: Henry Darragh , singers Melissa Darragh, m: Tianna Hall , m: Jacqui Sutton and m: Danielle Reich , guitarist Paul Chester and (by extension), trumpeter m: Carol Morgan

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Alishaa€(TM)s Quartet: Along for the Ride