Date: Jun 30th, 2012 · Tags: Jazz CD Reviews

The harp is probably one of the least recognized and utilized instruments in jazz yet, the jazz harp is as much a part of the genre as the saxophone, with only a handful of musicians making it their instrument of choice. The late m: Dorothy Ashby and m: Alice Coltrane , along with m: Lori Andrews , Columbian m: Edmar Castaneda and Frenchman Jakez Francois are a few of the exponents of the harp within the jazz realm. There is another prominent member of this list and that happens to be two-time Grammy–nominated harpist Carol Robbins, from Los Angeles. The light-hearted and mellow Moraga, her fourth album as leader, showcases Robbins’ unique talents as a jazz harpist…

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Carol Robbins: Moraga