Date: Nov 30th, 2011 · Tags: Jazz CD Reviews

Saxophonist Hank Crawford will forever be linked to his one-time employer, the great m: Ray Charles , in the minds of R&B lovers, but soul-fusion fans are likely to remember him for a string of albums he recorded on the Kudu label in the 1970s. Crawford and tenor saxophonist m: Stanley Turrentine proved to be the two pillars of potent saxophone soul in label head/producer m: Creed Taylor ‘s stable during this era, but Crawford’s work is often overlooked now, while Turrentine’s albums still get plenty of recognition. Few would argue that Turrentine classics like Sugar (CTI, 1970) or Salt Song (CTI, 1971) are deserving of the reissue treatment, but Crawford’s oeuvre also merits a return visit, and CTI Masterworks finally rectified this issue with the inclusion of this disc in its final wave of reissues celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the label…

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Hank Crawford: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing