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Born in the Southern cultural village of Grand Bay, on the Caribbean island of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Jahlee is one of the Dominica’s foremost international female musical entertainers. The village of Grand Bay being the cultural melting pot of the island of Dominica, Jahlee’s passion for music, and culture, stems from her childhood days, growing up in Grand Bay, where she obtained first hand experience by the influence of prominent cultural groups, such as the Southern Liberation Dancers (SLD), and musical bands, such as The Midnight Groovers, and The Black.

Photo: Jahlee
Jahlee migrated to the neighboring French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, where she embarked on her first musical venture by becoming a member of La Compagnie Guadeloupeen Des Ballet Caribana as a Dancer/Singer. During her years in Guadeloupe she became a member of the musical group “The New Examples� now based in Paris. After spending some eight years in Guadeloupe, in 1986, Jahlee relocated back to Dominica, continuing her quest for music, and dance, by becoming a member of the cultural dance group Southern Liberation Dancers (SLD) as a Dancer/Chorographer. She later joined the musical band Groovers International as the lead female vocalist.

In 1987, Jahlee entered the calypso arena as an unknown artist, competing against some very popular female calypsonians, in the first ever Calypso Queen competition, distinguishing herself among nine female competitors by capturing the calypso queen title, With her popular winning song “sweet tempo.� becoming the very the first Calypso Queen of Dominica.

Over the past twenty years, Jahlee has been residing in New York City, continuing her musical career, where she debuted with prominent Caribbean artist such as the Mighty Sparrow the calypso king of the world, and has released three cd’s, her latest CD entitled “Simple, Sweet, Uncomplicated� is her very first Reggae-Mix album.

About the Music:

2006-Simple Sweet Uncomplicated: This CD is a compilation of 14 songs combined in the musical art forms of Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, Jazz, and House music, created from the heart reflecting my life today.

All about Love: Inspired by the events in my life, and the people who surround me including my mom, about whom I wrote one track entitled “mother�.

All the way/Sans Arrete’: Created as an up tempo dance CD for French/Creole Caribbean dance influences, such as Zouk, and Cadance music, all tracks except one was done in the language of Creole.

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