Date: Dec 13th, 2010 · Tags: Jazz DVD

JAZZ: A FILM by KEN BURNS (DVD): The never-ending story – Accompanied by a menagerie of products, Ken Burns’s expansive 10-episode paean, Jazz, completes his trilogy on American culture, following The Civil War and Baseball. Spanning more than 19 hours, Jazz is, of course, about a lot more than what many have called America’s classical music–especially in episodes 1 through 7.

Jazz : A Film By Ken Burns cover image

The film is also potent in arguing that the history of race in the 20th-century U.S. is at jazz’s heart. But a few problems arise. First is Burns’s reliance on Wynton Marsalis as his chief musical commentator. Marsalis might be charming and musically expert, but he’s no historian. For the film to devote three of its episodes to the 1930s, one expects a bit more historical substance.

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