Date: Jan 13th, 2009 · Tags: Jazz Video

The Jazz Video Guy’s latest blog installment is “How Cool Is the Monterey Jazz Festival,” featuring highlights from the 51st edition of the extravaganza.

Included in the ten minute video are excerpts from “Cuban Lullabies,” a special project created for the festival by a remarkable Cuban musician named Maraca, who plays the flute, wrote the music and arrangements, and led an all-star featuring the best Latin American musicians on the planet: Orlando “Maraca” Valle (flute), David Sanchez (tenor sax), Miguel Zenon (alto sax), Edward Simon (piano), Murray Low (keyboards), John Benetiz (bass), Giovanni Hidalgo (congas), Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez (drums) accompanied by the Monterey Jazz Festival Chamber Orchestra. This unique collaboration brought together musicians from several different cultures and produced some incredibly beautiful, captivating melodies and vibrant rhythms.