Date: Jul 26th, 2006 · Tags: Caribbean Jazz Artist

Michele Henderson Michele Henderson is arguably one of Dominica’s premier female vocal talents. No stranger to the Dominican entertainment scene, Michele’s status is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the Caribbean and further a field with every performance. Standing 5 feet 2 inches and weighing 100 lbs comes a voice so strong yet gentle, sultry yet powerful, and with such command as to evoke emotion. Michele as always lists her father as her greatest inspiration and was inspired by several influences in her life including modern performers like Lauryn Hill. Michele’s unique musical style interprets and delivery’s underlying tones from Dominica’s traditional Creole and smooth Jazz influences.Michele is truly an ambassador to Dominica’s traditional Bouyon Music, Creole music and Smooth Jazz.


Michele Henderson: MICHELE HENDERSON (2000)


1. Code Red
2. Why
3. Where Are You Now
4. The Beat Goes On
5. Help Me
6. A River
7. Deja Vu
8. Rose Street

Michele Henderson: LIVE CREOLE SPECIAL (2001)


1. Intro
2. Medley: Dominique Vivan, Mawe’ Weaw, Pon-y-Eze’
3. De’ja Vu
4. Help Me
5. Close to You
6. Tout Biten Ke’ Mache’
7. Que L’armour
8. Sacrifice
9. Poco Poco
10. Festival

Michele Henderson: SOUND CHECK (2002)

Winner of FAME Award for “Album of the Year” in 2002 SOUND CHECK (2002)

1. Inspire’
2. Can U Feel
3. Fanm
4. Sing for Africa*
5. Forever Yours
6. I Am Woman
7. Pas Le’sse’ Mwen
8. En Ke’ Retourne’-Troubadou
9. Angels (Peace)
10. The Beat Goes On (Zouk Remix)
11. Sa Ka Rive’ Yo

Michele Henderson: MWEN INME”W (2004)

MWEN INME''W (2004)

1. Sauve’
2. Mwen Aime` ou
3. Pas Besoin
4. Dinworrah
5. Pou Yo dance
6. Hommage
7. Rose Street
8. Chante Ansanm
9. 2 the Limit
10. Bring it On
11. Waiting