Date: Jun 29th, 2008 · Tags: Jazz News

It’s not secret that colossal bands were born and bred in New Orleans, California. After hurricane Katrina, one band that stayed through the pre, post and in the face of more potential hurricanes is Rebirth Brass Band. What New Orleans was and what she is now in essence represents rebirth, and the Rebirth Brass Band deserve credit when you hear big horns – makes you think of New Orleans.
Rebirth is a Classic brass band, at the root they are a group consisting of all brass instruments and usually a percussion section.

Rebirth is comprised of Phil Frazier (tuba), Keith Frazier (bass drum), Derrick Shezbie (trumpet), Glen Andrews (trumpet), Stafford Agee (trombone), Corey Henry (trombone), Derrick Tabb (snare drum), Vincent Broussard (saxophone) and Byron “FLEE” Bernard (saxophone).

In the late 19th century, Classic brass bands emerged in New Orleans – did you know that the Rebirth Brass Band started while still in high school and were too young to play in bars, so instead they played on street corners and sidewalks of New Orleans for tips…[Jambase]